Saturday, December 17, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Our first family Christmas Card!  We finally decided on the name right before Thanksgiving and annouced to family while we were home in Arkansas....Breanna Katherine Scott!  It was fun to be able to include one of her ultrasound pictures on the card and announce her name to everyone we hadn't been able to tell yet!

Just in time for our annual Christmas Party, I was able to get Breanna's stocking completed!  Last year, when I made the other three, I had already designed two others for when we would have kids, so it was fun to be able to complete her's this year!

Fun to see it hanging up and also the first time to see her name monogrammed on something.  Makes it even more real!

25 Week Ultrasound

Our doctor sent us for another ultrasound because she was moving so much last time they couldn't get a good look at her spine.  He told us not to worry because the fact that she was moving so much meant her spine was fine but we'll find out for sure this coming Wednesday. 
We were both excited to have another ultrasound and get to see her again!  She was showing off her flexibility (or cramped room) by being curled up in a ball.  Her feet were up by her face.  When we first started the ultrasound she had her hands up by her ankles.  In this picture, you can see her foot right by her nose.

Here's another picture of her sweet face!  Not sure this pictures turned out as clear as the one we got at our last ultrasound.

Love this shot of her foot!
Here's the position we found her in when we started.  Her legs are straight up and she holding her leg around the ankle.

We just can't wait to meet her...seems like the time is going by so fast and I know she'll be here very soon!  I am feeling great, plenty of energy and pretty much normal.  Just have this growing belly (which everyone tells me is small but is starting to feel pretty noticeable to me!)  It has been fun to start feeling her move around some more, few kicks here and there!

Excited for our doctor's appointment on Wednesday to hear the details from the measurements and pictures she took.  Have my glucose test coming up soon, so hopefully I'll pass that with no problems!