Tuesday, October 15, 2013

DeDe's Visit

DeDe came down to visit for the weekend and help out with BreBre while we got everything ready for Goose & Yadna's Couples Shower

BreBre was so excited!

Playing some ball

She was really having some fun!

LOTS of fun!  Running around like a crazy girl :)

Love the face she's making in this one, looks serious

Sunday she wore her darling Razorback dress DeDe had gotten her for Christmas.
Love this little collage my camera made
To save the dress, we opted to take it off while she ate lunch.  I think she was eating spaghetti and it's a whole body meal, she always ends up covered head to toe it seems like.  It would definitely help if she would wear some kind of big but she's too big for that.

Love those baby blues!

Sweet curls

DeDe taking her for a spin... fun, fun!

Great pic with DeDe!  We're so glad she came down!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Poppy's Birthday & Yummy Cake!

Poppy barely made it home from the hospital in time to celebrate his birthday and we were there to help him!  Definitely an answered prayer that he was able to come home, praise God!
We were up checking on him the weekend before and when asked he said his favorite cake was Amaretto cake...

just so happens that Dawn Kelly had given me a wonderful recipe for Amaretto cake!  So I told him he was getting one for his birthday!

Trying to get everyone looking is harder than it seems :)

Oops, I'm guilty in this one, looking at another camera than everyone else...Bre's just ready to eat some cake before she falls asleep.  She almost always sleeps part of the trip home but for some reason that day she stayed awake the entire trip.

The weather that weekend turned a little cool in the morning and seemed like Fall.  GG had a bunch of leaves in her backyard, so she piled some up for BreBre.

She loved playing in them


Oh Mom, look at this one...

Being a good sport for a few more photo ops

Okay, I'm done

Relaxin' & Rockin'

Really getting into it, leaning up to make the chair rock a little bigger

LOVE this one! 

Now back to that cake...

Yummy!  It was a big hit with everyone!

Miss BreBre was no exception!

You've got a little bit of cake right here (motioning to entire face)  Good shot of her back molars.  Poor baby did not enjoy those coming in.

Fun, low key weekend celebrating with Poppy!
I didn't get any pictures but Bre did attend her first high school football game, Bauxite vs. Glen Rose.  And she had a great time!  She was dancing to the band and loved watching the cheerleaders.  Thomas did a great job during the halftime show!