Saturday, April 19, 2014

Landry's Birthday Party

This morning we went to Landry's Birthday Party!  Hard to believe he & Breanna are already 2 years old!

Drinking like a big girl!

Since his birthday fell so close to Easter this year, he had an Easter Egg hunt.  LaCee (Landry's mom) had been worried about the weather but it was so nice!  

BreBre had been scouting out the eggs a little earlier and was ready to go once it was time.  She's had quite a bit of practice between school & our life group at church :)

Although she did have to stop and open each egg to see what was hidden inside

There were a few chocolates that were starting to melt but we ate a couple anyway mid hunt.

Looking so cute in her little Easter Bunny outfit!

Found another one!  Pink!  She was calling out the colors as she found them.

Here's the birthday boy!

Trying to sneak in a picture with Mommy but she's too interested in what goodies she has yet to uncover in her basket

This egg was where we found the really melty chocolate and had to go straight for a wipe.

BreBre loved playing on all Landry's toys...although she was a little shy today and didn't hang with the crowd much. But she was jumpin', jumpin', jumpin' as she says

Mid-air bunny!

Fun times!