Wednesday, October 31, 2012

First Halloween!

Bre was Minnie Mouse for her first Halloween!
She had a party at school, so we made goody bags to give to all her buddies

Here she is ready to go to school in her costume!

The looks she can give...

Checking out her tutu, we've been able to wear it a couple times now and it always ends up in her mouth

This is my favorite artwork Mrs. Tracy has done so far!!  I love these footprint ghost!

All her goodies from the Halloween party at school

Mrs. Tracy also fixed this cute monster book with her picture in it!

We went over to Kristi's this afternoon to take some goody bags to Alex, Katy & Adam (& get some good pictures taken of the kids in costume!)  Adam is 2 weeks older than Bre and has just started crawling!  As soon as I got her sat down he had crawled across the room to come play with her!

They had a goody bag for Bre too, complete with cookies for Bre!

May be cookies & candy inside but this bag is so good!

Love this picture, not sure if it's the look on her face or what...

Katy hugging up on the babies...Bre's face is priceless!  Adam is un-phased!

We got Bre suited up first...

Close up of my cutie!

They were definitely checking each other out!

Kristi made Adam's costume!  She did such a great job - it's absolutely darling!

Trying for a group picture, Adam's got a great smile!

Good picture of Alex & Adam

Cutie showing off his costume!

We decided to move the party outside for some more pictures and must have been the first time either one of them had really sat in the grass...they loved the grass and the leaves!

We had to stop the leaf tasting several times during our photo shoot

Katy helping with Bre's ears, they're just a tiny bit big

Love this picture, she's got that tongue out again!

So glad Kristi had a big pumpkin!  The day we went to the pumpkin patch I really wanted to change her into her costume but just didn't get it I was so glad these pictures!

Kristi also made Katy's princess dress!  She's so talented!!

Bre helped me pass out some candy before she went to bed

So the story behind the tutu...I try to make it to Kickboxing every Monday & Wednesday mornings and the whole class wore black tutu's and pink tops for breast I decided to get a little more wear out of it and wear while I passed out candy...for the kids of course!

Great first Halloween with BreBre!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Arkansas Trip!

Still playing catch are some pics from our last trip home.
BreBre and Aunt Shelley...having a good time! 
with Cousin Josie

Me with my Little Brother (not so little) & Big Sis

Another cute pic with Josie, finally thought to take her bib off...

Playing in the floor at Gram & PaPa, showing off her new trick of sitting up!  They were pretty impressed!

Love this outfit, thanks Lindsey Taylor!

Just look at those big blue eyes!!

Eating some lunch with DeDe...can't remember what we were having here but yummy!  She is so much better now about not spitting out as much but you do have to keep that spoon ready for what doesn't make it on the first try!

Playing with Grandma Betty

Having fun with Daddy

Playing with Lilly

All of the monkeys together!  Lilly was showing Bre something on the iPhone and here comes Reid!

Almost impossible to get them all looking at once!

Playing in the floor

Here she is loving on Gram & PaPa... they keep trying to get me to leave her with them for a week...

Feeling of PaPa's whiskers

Giving some sweet sugar to PaPa!