Friday, October 12, 2012

Girls just want to have fun!

This sweet baby girl is always in the best mood!  I love this picture below, she's like "Hey Mom, look what I can do!"

I normally take her picture on the couch or the chair but her outfit matched the red chair and I just love it in the background!

The big toe is especially good!

She was talking to me in this one...

Playing with her mirror, until...

Buddy (our yorkie) walks by and she is so excited!

Then disappointed because he won't stay and play with her.

This girl loves her jumper!  She will jump and jump and jump!  She also getting a lot better with her hands and will really reach out and play with everything hanging on the outside edges.

Love all of her expressions...

Her sweet smile never gets old to this mommy!

This last picture cracks me up for some reason...she looks so serious to me.

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