Monday, October 22, 2012

7 Months Old!!

Fair warning....there are a lot of pictures!  I had a hard time narrowing them down! 
BreBre is 7 months old!  The time is flying by!  She is doing really well at sitting up on her own.  We still try to keep a pillow behind her just in case.   

We had a little photo shoot after we got home from church.  She was all dressed up, even had shoes on!  I have not been good about remembering shoes up to now, she's mostly been bare foot or in socks.  Not sure why because I think baby shoes are adorable...oh well, we missed out on a couple pair she had because she's now wearing size 2.

She's still so happy for the most part, always smiling!  She is getting very vocal and really exploring her voice, always talking and even squealing/screaming very loudly at times!  We try to keep the squealing down because it can get very loud and very high!  I guess the good thing is that she is normally happy while she's doing this, although sometimes you wouldn't know it if you couldn't see her face. 

The last time we were home, Lilly & Reid were also in town and she was talking to Reid but apparently he wasn't paying attention to her.  So she proceeded to let him know by getting his attention with a very loud scream!  She got almost everyone else's attention and probably his very last, but she was persistent until she got his attention.  Luckily, we were almost the only ones in the restaurant because it was something else!

Still thinking her top teeth may be working their way in because she is always chewing on her fingers/hands or a toy.

Love these onesie stickers but if I could do it over again I would print them on solid sticker paper instead of transparent because on some outfits they just won't show up, so I end up taping it on...oh well.  I have thought about reprinting them for the rest of them but we'll see...

Love this one!  She was looking at Daddy!

Look at those teeth, they are really getting big!

Reaching for the camera

Close up of her hair, it has lightened up so much since she was born!

Too silly with her tonuge sticking out!

Love these big laughs! I was peeking around the camera getting her to smile and almost cut her off.

Love this one, made it my wallpaper on my phone!

Mommy doesn't make it in the pictures very often...either because I'm taking them or I'm just not fixed up but thought we would sneak one in!

Love her sweet little baby feet and had to get a picture of them!  I know they won't be this little for ever, especially if she takes after her momma!

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