Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bre's First Beach Trip!!!

We had a great time at the beach this year!!  It was Bre's first vacation & trip to the beach!  Apparently she's like her momma because she really seemed to enjoy it! Our first couple days were a little cloudy with some rain but it actually worked out well to have some beach time with Bre and not have to worry about her getting too much sun.  (As it turned out we just barely missed Isaac but we had great weather for most of our trip, so we were lucky!)

Think she may of had a different bathing suit for everyday (thanks to some new suits & hand me downs from Lilly) and I just thought she looked too cute!  We got a lot of comments from beach walkers about all the hair!  The humidity in the air really helped her little ringlets show up!  (Now that we've gotten back home, they are curling quite as much)

Having a great time!  Mommy couldn't be happier!

Cutie pie with Daddy...just a talking (if only we knew what she was saying)

Having some fun with DeDe

Think she had gotten hungry & Mike was holding her and telling us we needed to be more prepared and get a little quicker with our bottle fixing!  Very mistreated this one...

She's always such a happy girl...unless she's hungry then she'll let you know!  Lilly & Reid had come home with balloons from somewhere and Bre was just loving them.  Think it was her first time to see one!

Daddy was having some fun with the balloon the face she's making in this picture.  Think it's actually from the flash on the camera.

We had lots of good cousin time!  Lilly & Reid love Baby Breanna and she loves them!  She would laugh at both of them but something about Reid would just make her laugh & laugh!  There were a bunch of sweet kisses from both Lilly & Reid.

Hard to get 3 monkeys to look at the camera all at the same time!  Especially when there are morning cartoons on!

More beach pics still to come...don't worry the trip was well documented!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Pig Tails

Decided to play with some new hairstyles after finishing up our rice cereal tonight!  She was a pretty good sport!  I love the picture where I caught her mid laugh, think that's my favorite!  Hard to get the pig tails even with such a wiggle worm but still pretty cute for our first try!  Her bangs are starting to get in her face so going to have to get creative on keeping them out of her eyes!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Rice Cereal...

This was our second time to try the rice cereal and she's already getting better at it!  She kept arching her back like she was trying to flip out of her bumbo or just making it more challenging for daddy....not sure which she was going for.  Again not sure how much she actually ate compared to how much she was spitting back out.

She looks like such a big girl in this picture...not sure I'm ready for her to look this big!

Here she is eating her hands, they are apparently much tastier than the rice cereal!

Here she is leaning back and you have to watch out for those hands!  She'll swat the spoon and send rice cereal everywhere!

She's our happy girl, always smiling!  Love her sweet smile & laugh, never gets old!

Laying on the couch playing and talking to Mommy

Decided to break out her bouncy seat, we hadn't tried it in awhile. 
Getting those feet!

Doing some Super Woman flying with Mommy...lots of big smiles!

Friday, August 3, 2012

4 Month Check-up

Can you believe it's already that time?? She had a great check-up, weighing in at 15lbs-15oz! And she is now 27"long (which is 100%)! That's almost 6" since she was born, amazing! While waiting on the Dr. We passed the time by talking to baby Bre in the mirror!


Playing with my toes

We decided to be crazy tonight and broke our usual tradition of eating at Posados for Sunday lunch and went tonight instead! Who knows...we may still go Sunday too, their fajitas are so good!

Bre was just as happy as could be! She started geeting hungry so Daddy gave her a bottle as we were finishing up and she was so good to go! Great family dinner!

She is loving playing with her toes almost as much as she does her hands!  After Bert finished feeding her they were just playing and she kept trying (successfully I might add) to put her fingers in his mouth.  I decided she was thinking "Dad you should really try these they're so good"!

She was a trooper this week and went to Daycare all 5 days, it's been a busy week for Mommy!  But she had a great time at Mrs. Tracy's!  The last picture is her doing some tummy time at Mrs. Tracy's looking like a big girl!

This is my first post from my iPad and it was very easy!  May be able to get more pictures on here now that I've figured this out!