Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Mike & 4 months old!!!

Happy Birthday Mike!!
We're looking forward to this weekend!  Excited for you & DeDe and Matt, Sara, Lilly & Reid to come down for the East Texas Balloon Race!

It's been awhile since our last post, we've been busy!  Breanna's started daycare and Mommy is back to work...Bre's doing great, it's Mommy that's having a hard time!  We've been trying out a 3 day schedule to ease back into things...
She is as sweet as she can be!  Loves to talk all the time and most recently has started making a new noise that sounds very much like a high pitched squeal/scream.  I really prefer her softer talking but she's trying out new things!

Love how blue her eyes look when she wears blue!  I'm really hoping she keeps them, we'll see...

Right now at almost any time she's awake she can be found with at least one finger but usually part of a fist in her mouth.  Loves her fingers, they must taste pretty good!  I've offered her several different chew toys but for now the fingers are her fave!

Tracy (runs Little Froggies Daycare that she's going to) always brags on her when I pick her up.  She says Bre is always having a "party for one" at daycare.  She just laughs even when no one is talking to her!  I'm glad she's having a good time, she does this at home too!

4 months....hard to believe.   We go to the Dr. on the 30th, so I'll let everyone know her stats after we go, I am curious to see how much she's grown!

There's my smiley girl! 
 I guess it was an early 4 months present to Bert and I because the night before, she slept from 12pm to 7am, she has yet to repeat it but we know there's hope at this point for sleeping through the night!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dancing with Daddy

This baby girl loves her daddy!  And I do too! 
He's such a help to me and I probably don't tell him enough how much I appreciate him!  Bre's in a great mood as usual and is getting ready to head off to daycare for the day.
Bert was taking her this morning so I could get started working right away.  I can't remember if they were singing or just talking but she was eating it up!

Dancing & standing up!  She does a great job standing when she's holding onto you!

Cute outfit from DeDe - thanks DeDe!

Here's her serious face... you talking to me?

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Playing with Josie, Abby & PaPa

Bre was having a good time playing with Cousin Josie!
Here's Cousin Abby showing her a jack in the box that's actually a cute little butterfly...Bre wasn't sure whether it was scary or funny.

Mommy's little cutie!

Hanging out with Aunt Shelley!  She stopped by almost everyday to see BreBre while we were home! It was great being able to see family everyday!  Really miss everyone when we're down in Texas!

Playing with PaPa...he swore the car seat wasn't hurting his legs but it's so heavy I don't know how it wasn't.  He just kept her in his lap for the longest, making funny noises and entertaining her...she was eating it up!  The day before (I was at Mom's taking a shower) he had her sitting in his lap again and she fell asleep holding his finger and she apparently kept a hold the entire way through her nap!

She was just a posing and of course I was snapping away...

Kisses from GG...Bre had started a thing where if you were kissing her cheek she would turn into you so you would be kissing her on the mouth!  So we would go back & forth kissing both cheeks and getting her to turn in for more kisses!  She's such a sweetie pie!

Found this cute onesie at a resale shop while we were home...think I'm going to try to make some similar ones during my free time...haven't gotten to it just yet but hoping to soon!

Love this sweet little side profile shot!  GG was playing with her bee rattle and she was just loving it!

Thought this picture was too funny not to include, it's a funny angle and almost doesn't look like her!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Visiting MamMa with Lilly & Reid

We always have a good time when we're out visiting with MamMa!  The kids put on a great show and she is so glad to see them!  For now, Bre isn't quite as mobile as Lilly & Reid but I know it won't be long before she's running around with them too!

While we were there, Molly, a cousin of MamMa's stopped by, so MamMa was able to show off all the great grandchildren!

Mike & Reid hanging out

Uncle Bert & Reid playing on DeDe's phone

Love this picture of Mike & BreBre... just darling!

Now Lilly playing on DeDe's phone with Uncle Bert

DeDe getting Bre to smile

Reid & Bre just having a little chat...

We were able to get some pretty good family shots...just minus Sara & I.  We some how managed to stay out of all the pictures while we were there, guess it's because we're always taking pictures!

Great one of MamMa and the big boys!

And Bre was just so smiley,  I was able to get a great picture of her with Bert right before we left!  Love these two more than anything!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Quality Family Time!

Happy 4th of July!!  I have these pre-scheduled, so I'll have a 4th of July post up soon!
While we were in Arkansas, Bre was able to spend a little time with Gram & PaPa every day!  PaPa is working on a poem titled "Bre & Me" highlighting their similarities and differences since they share the same birthday!  (Bre was born on PaPa's 91st birthday!)  He's been telling me some of the lines but can't wait to see the finished product!

Gram just loved being able to hold her every day!  Bre's faces in these two pictures are just too funny!

BreBre and GG playing with her new finger puppet

Having fun with Uncle Mike says, Matt is the most gentle when burping Bre after a bottle, the rest of us burp her way too hard he says.

DeDe and all her grandbabies

with Aunt Sara and Lilly
I am so behind on blogging that I have never blogged the pictures from when Uncle Matt & Aunt Sara came down to meet Bre for the first time.  Sara offered to get up with Bre one night and let Bert & I sleep through the night, it was great!  I felt guilty but the sleep was so nice!  And Aunt Sara says she did great for her!

This is a great picture of Lilly!  

This was the best picture out of the ones that I had taken, not sure what Reid was saying but still cute!

Reid & Uncle Bert were playing again and having a good time!

Lilly decided it was time to jump on...Reid was doing push-ups with his legs and moving Bert up & down...he's so strong!

Aunt Sara had just rocked baby Bre to sleep!