Saturday, July 7, 2012

Playing with Josie, Abby & PaPa

Bre was having a good time playing with Cousin Josie!
Here's Cousin Abby showing her a jack in the box that's actually a cute little butterfly...Bre wasn't sure whether it was scary or funny.

Mommy's little cutie!

Hanging out with Aunt Shelley!  She stopped by almost everyday to see BreBre while we were home! It was great being able to see family everyday!  Really miss everyone when we're down in Texas!

Playing with PaPa...he swore the car seat wasn't hurting his legs but it's so heavy I don't know how it wasn't.  He just kept her in his lap for the longest, making funny noises and entertaining her...she was eating it up!  The day before (I was at Mom's taking a shower) he had her sitting in his lap again and she fell asleep holding his finger and she apparently kept a hold the entire way through her nap!

She was just a posing and of course I was snapping away...

Kisses from GG...Bre had started a thing where if you were kissing her cheek she would turn into you so you would be kissing her on the mouth!  So we would go back & forth kissing both cheeks and getting her to turn in for more kisses!  She's such a sweetie pie!

Found this cute onesie at a resale shop while we were home...think I'm going to try to make some similar ones during my free time...haven't gotten to it just yet but hoping to soon!

Love this sweet little side profile shot!  GG was playing with her bee rattle and she was just loving it!

Thought this picture was too funny not to include, it's a funny angle and almost doesn't look like her!

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