Monday, February 6, 2012

Longview Baby Shower for Breanna!

 Breanna's first baby shower was this weekend in Longview!  The shower couldn't of been any cuter!  Kristi, LaCee, Lindsey Taylor, Lindsey Simpson & Yadna outdid themselves!

They found a ton of ideas on Pinterest, Kristi found a bunch of cute fabrics and made this penant string.
Lindsey Taylor made some great frozen of my favorites!  

Kristi made the cake!  Darling and it tasted great too!  When it was time to cut the cake they weren't sure where to start, someone was saying "no, don't cut the face"! 
Here we are playing a game...pretty sneaky...I had to carry around a tray of baby items and show everyone.  Then I went out of the room and they had to describe what I was wearing in detail and the person who could be the most specific won.  It was a tie between Staci Henderson & Jennifer Flodder but Staci won on a tie breaker to guess what color the nursery was.

Here are all the great hostess's.  Starting from the left, Yadna, LaCee, me, Lindsey Simpson, Kristi and Lindsey Taylor.

Bert's Mom was able to make it down for the shower!  We had a good time!

This was a wishing tree for Breanna.  Everyone filled out these cards and it was really fun to read them with Bert when I got home.  Some answers were hilarious and some were very sweet.

Here's Breanna's first monogrammed onesie & burp cloth from LaCee.  Darling!

As I was opening gifts, they were taking them into another room and displaying them for everyone to look at...we really got some great stuff!

These were too cute and I had never seen them before.  These flowers are on the butt of bloomers, we'll definitely have to be taking some photos in these!

Lindsey Simpson made this really cute diaper bouquet!

Carrie and her Mom were able to meet and make it to the shower!  So good to see them!  Excited for Carrie's baby coming in July!

Lindsey Simpson made these tissue paper flowers, really cute!  And not sure if you noticed but they had hung up a couple of cute sayings in the frames around the the one to the left that says "Crying is for Babies (other Babies)"!

Kristi made bird seed favors for everyone...she had little ducks & onesies!

Here are all the momma's....LaCee is due on May 3rd and Kristi is due on March 15th.

Here are the hostess's again.  Kristi, Lindsey S., Lindsey T., Yadna & LaCee

Another Group Photo!

And another picture with Bert's Mom, Debbie or soon to be known to us as Breanna's DeDe!

Just want to say thanks again to all the hostess's, you really made me feel special!  Bert and I are so excited about Breanna coming and we really appreciate all the help getting ready for her arrival!  Not due date is only 7 weeks from this Wednesday 2/8!  The time has flown by!

Mom was sick and wasn't able to make it down for the shower, she was so dissapointed to miss it but I told her not to worry and just stay home and rest and get to feeling better!