Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fun Day at the Zoo & to see the Daffodils!

We went to the Zoo this Wednesday with our Life Group and Kristi and the kids came with us and we had such a great time!!
Little scared to get so close to the Elephant...took her a few minutes to warm up but then she was good.  Helped to have Katy there!

Checking them out

These 4 lion cubs were adorable!!  Or kitties as BreBre called them :)

Checking out the alligator

And snacking on her goldfish

Really excited about the bears and they were close

Love this sweet girl and enjoyed our day together so much!

Birdies, Birdies

In the Petting Zoo Area with the goats, who she called puppies.  She was trying to find one to pet until 2 walked quickly past us trying to get away from some other very friendly kiddos and she was a little scared, which I happened to catch in the picture below.  It wasn't funny and it was all at the same time, she tried to grab a hold of Alex but then decided to tough it out on her own.

Katy, Adam & Alex

BreBre and Adam were getting a little sleepy but perked up for the park at the Zoo

Kristi said she was getting ready for the beach and she did have a big time playing in the sand

Trying to get a smile

We left the Zoo around 1pm and headed to lunch.  Bre & Adam fell asleep on the way to lunch but woke up in pretty good moods, then after lunch they took a little more nap and we stopped by the Mrs. Lee's Daffodil Garden and let them nap until we got to the Log Cabin. 

So glad we stopped it was such a neat place & a neat story!  I first attempted a summary of the story but don't think I was doing it's a link so you can read all about it.

Right before we woke them peaceful!

Playing with the flowers

Katy was ready with her poses

Miss BreBre is ready now! Helped that Katy was helping behind the camera to get those smiles!  Thanks Katy!

Cutie, striking another pose!

BreBre had fun tromping through the leaves following Katy and the boys.  I would be lying if I said I wasn't stepping lightly and keeping my eye out for snakes.  Not sure if there were any but you know me, I'm a scaredy cat!  I did have a lot of fun though!

Love this picture of Kristi and the kiddos (Alex, Katy & Adam)

Krisit's pic with the kids was so cute, had to get one with BreBre...she wasn't all that excited until the kids got her attention

And then we got some smiles!

They're so silly!

Having fun with Katy

But scheming to make a move on the empty camera bag Katy was carrying for her Momma

About to make her move

And sweet Katy shared and let her carry the purse

Enjoying our fun filled day!

Love seeing those smiles!

We closed the place down, as we were taking these pictures they were making the rounds on the 4 mile driving track and getting people to wind up their trip.  Alex was worried that we didn't immediately stop taking pictures and walk right to the car.  That's good that he's such a rule follower.  However, we did make it out of the gate before they closed at 5.  I'm not much of a rule breaker either but you've got to get the pictures.

Kristi spotted this cute little stump that made the perfect little seat.  Again, Katy & Kristi were a huge help getting the smiles.  I think they were pretending like the were bopping me on the head.


Here's the replica log cabin Mrs. Lee had built hat overlooks one of the little lakes.
Such a fun day with friends, we love spending time with Kristi and her kiddos.  When I was getting Bre into the car Thursday morning to go to school, she was looking for Katy in the backseat.