Saturday, February 15, 2014

Park & Birthday Lunch with Lane

It was such a pretty day we took Miss BreBre to the park to play.  We all had fun sliding, swinging, see-sawing and just being out in the nice weather!

Today was Lane's birthday (Kristi's husband) so we met up for lunch.
Bre & Adam ended up in Kristi's lap at the end.
Hard to believe these cuties are almost 2 years old!
Happy Birthday Lane!

This reminds me that I forgot to say Happy Birthday to Uncle Matt on my Valentines Day post.  (I did text him on the actual day) but just thought I should add it since we're talking birthdays!

Play time!

BreBre was having the best time playing with her babies!  She was so carefully setting them on the couch and trying to make room for herself too.  Her babies were taking up quite a bit of room so it was funny to watch her squeezing in on the end!  She was singing to them with the babies up on her shoulder, it was precious!!  Really fun to see her imagination really taking off!

Happy Valentines Day!

We had a fun Valentines Day!  I tried to balance out my unhealthy cheesecake brownies with a fruit tray.  

Katy (my trainer) if you happen to see this I used a small cookie cutter for them!  Bad news is I ate quite a bit of the leftover parts that we're left from cutting out the hearts...

At the party...Owen only comes Tuesday & Thursday now so it was an all girl party.  Bre was making sure everyone had plenty of the Cheetos, like a little mother hen.  Especially Kyla who was sitting to the right of her.
Playing with her Minnie Mouse doll Daddy got her!  She was tickling her :)
My little cutie after our fun night at church for Date Night.  

Trying to get a picture of her with the roses...
She was playing with her bracelets DeDe got her... putting them on, taking them off and counting them...1,2,4,9,10.  Got it on video, so cute!  She's been counting like that for a little bit now and I finally have it documented :)

Opening her card from GG & Poppy