Friday, September 28, 2012

Photo many faces!!

After I picked this sweet girl up from daycare, we decided to do a photo shoot and she was just a posing!  She was just a talking to me too, love when I catch her grabbing both feet!
This was her more serious face...

Here are some sweet smiles...

And these are full on laughs!!  Finally got a good shot of those two teeth!

This last one cracks me up, looks like she's thinking..."what is it Mom?"   She's just my sweet little angel, who will never act up! HaHa!  I mean look at that face!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Piggies & Paws Party

We had a lot of fun Saturday at our Piggies & Paws Party!  I saw a couple at a friend/client's house before Breanna was born and knew I wanted to do some when she got here!  Decided that if I hosted a party, I may be able to get a few free prints, so that's what I did!  (Also helped me get motivated to give the house a much needed cleaning, so that was a bonus!) Can't wait to see the prints...should get them back in November!

It was almost like a play date too, a lot of fun for the kids and the mommas to get together and catch up!
Hannah & Katy hit it off pretty quick!  They are just a few months apart.

Landry is LaCee's little boy & Bre's buddy at daycare.

Here's a pic of Landry & his momma, LaCee

Adam is going to be one tough little guy!  He's loves the attention from his big sis, Katy (& Alex too but he wasn't at the party).  Here Katy is holding Adam to talk to Bre.

Bre was just as happy as a clam in her jumper!  Jump, Jump, Jump we say...

Here's Bre & Adam...Adam's just 2 weeks older than BreBre

And here's the 3 musketeers...Landry, Bre & Adam
Landry is 5 weeks younger than Bre & Bre is 2 weeks younger than Adam.  So it's youngest to oldest from the left to the right.

Bre's definitely got both the boys beat in the leg department!  I'm not teasing her, I love her sweet little legs!

Love this picture of Adam, he's a cutie!

LaCee kept being afraid that Landry was going to pull Breanna's hair...he got his hand up there but never pulled it.  I wasn't worried, they play together everyday at school!   
Little Landry's shoes were so cute!  Bre has still never worn shoes but LaCee said she has to accessorize with shoes since she can't use bows!  It's going to be fun watching these 3 grow up!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

6 months!!

Hard to believe Miss BreBre is 6 months old!
She as sweet as ever!  Not sure if I'll jinx it by writing about it in the post (I'll keep my fingers crossed) but the last 3 nights she has pretty much slept through the night!  Not sure if she was waiting for the 6 month mark but we'll take it!!!  Now that I've shared this, I'm hoping we'll keep the streak going!

I love this picture below, guess it's the way her eyes are lit up, not sure...

I was getting her to laugh and trying to get a good pic of her two teeth that she's been hiding.  Finally got them in this picture!

Here they are again!  Love those big blue eyes!!   

If she doesn't have her hands in her mouth, then she's grabbing her feet, got them both here!

Probably some good leg patting going on here.  She loves to pat!

Her hair is definitely getting lighter!

Can't express how much of a blessing this sweet girl is to us and how much she's changed our lives for the better!  She's the sweetest, happiest, most precious baby girl I know!  (Not that I'm partial or anything!)  We thank God everyday for her and are so incredibly blessed to be her parents!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Two Teeth!

Well make that 2 teeth!  She has both bottom teeth now!  Trying to get some good pictures of them but no luck, I can't see them in any of these.  But she was being so cute & smiley that I just snapped away!

Thought if I tried a different angle she might open up but not so much...

 Yesterday she was just a rolling...she gets started in one direction and can just keep rolling.  She favors her left side to start her rolls and hasn't been able to roll back in the opposite direction yet.  She spent more time on her tummy yesterday without getting upset than I have ever seen her do before.  She normally is over it so quick and is crying for me to get her up but not the case this time.
 Love those pretty blue eyes!

 Good practice holding her head up!

 She was probably wondering why I kept flashing the camera in her face...
 She's trying to eat everything as usual...even her playmat when she rolled back by it.
I guess I've been on an animal print thing lately because these are two of my favorite outfits right now!
Sweet, sweet girl!  Love her so much!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Bre's First Tooth!

We discovered Bre's first tooth this morning!  It's her bottom right.  Not sure if you can see it in this first picture...she kept trying to stick her tongue out so it was hard to get a good picture.  The other pictures were just more attempts...think there are two you can see it in!  She's been having a runny nose and we went and got a cool mist humidifier that was recommended by the nurse along with the saline spray but turns out it was a tooth!  Tuesday & Wednesday night she really had trouble sleeping...poor baby, we were thinking her stuffy nose was making it hard to breathe.  She also had started rolling onto her stomach in the crib (she has been reserving that for floor play only until this week).  Sometimes being on her stomach is a good thing and she goes right to sleep...other times not so much!

I mean it's the speck of white you can see on the left (her right).  Promise I'm not making it up...I really did feel it and you can definitely see it in person!

She's a mover!

 We did have one other first today...big day!  She finally was able to roll from her stomach to her back!  We're still practicing but this should help ease her frustration because she does not like being stuck on her stomach...but I really can't blame her!

All of these firsts are exciting but also make this momma feel like she's growing up too fast!  Still trying to take in as much as I can and enjoy every minute while she's little!