Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Partying til the cows come home! (Lilly & Reid's Birthday!)

 We had a great time in Fayetteville this past weekend!  It was Lilly & Reid's birthday party weekend!  Hard to believe Lilly is 4 and Reid is 3!!
They were very excited when we got there...Baby Breanna was already there she had spent a couple days in Arkansas with GG & Poppy before heading up with DeDe & Mike.  So we were so excited to see her!  Mommy & Daddy had been missing her for sure!

She was wanting to pose for a picture, so we got some really cute ones!

Lilly & Reid's birthday was at Farmland Adventures in Springdale...the kids loved it, including Breanna!  Here she is looking over one of the baby pigs!  They were so cute!

You could feed the animals & Lilly, Reid and all their friends were having a great time!

Breanna was laughing at the goats....apparently she thought they were really funny!

Here's Reid climbing on the hay mountain!

Some of the hay by the corn maze was the perfect opportunity for a family photo op...although it did make me miss the hayride...no pain, no gain I guess.

Here's one of the baby pigs with his momma...adorable!  Later on in the party, they raced several classes of the pigs, small, medium, tiny...tiny was my favorite!!!  The little tiny pigs were so fast!  I was fascinated!

The little baby goat was too cute!

Bre was having a great time!

BreBre and Daddy about to watch the recorded Razorback game...uh oh...

Bre & DeDe having some laughs!

Reid let Baby Breanna play with his pig and she was getting so tickled playing with DeDe!

Here she is with Uncle Matt...she was really concerned for him as the Razorback game kept playing out and kept a really close eye on him trying to cheer him up!  It was hilarious to watch!

This was the night before the actual party.  We had princess cake & party hats!

She doesn't look the most excited here in this picture but she was having a good time!

So on this trip we made a new car purchase...I am now officially a mini-van momma!  Thought I would never drive one but think I'm already loving it!
On the ride up to Fayetteville Bert drove, so I finally had time to make the bows out of the ribbon I got from the Ribbon Bowtique in Gladewater...BreBre should be fixed up for a while!  Just need to make her a white bow, not sure how I missed that!  (definitely needed it at the beach!)

Well...back to the title of the post (this is not a picture of farmland adventures...

When we finally got home from our birthday weekend we were greeted by a bunch of cows just on the other side of our backyard.  Turns out our neighbor must have been to the cattle auction because there were a ton of cows.  They were moo-ing so loud that Bert decided to sleep upstairs in the guest room.  We're keeping our fingers crossed that they don't always decide to sleep in the back corner of the pasture...

So we partied til the cows CAME home!

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