Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Two Teeth!

Well make that 2 teeth!  She has both bottom teeth now!  Trying to get some good pictures of them but no luck, I can't see them in any of these.  But she was being so cute & smiley that I just snapped away!

Thought if I tried a different angle she might open up but not so much...

 Yesterday she was just a rolling...she gets started in one direction and can just keep rolling.  She favors her left side to start her rolls and hasn't been able to roll back in the opposite direction yet.  She spent more time on her tummy yesterday without getting upset than I have ever seen her do before.  She normally is over it so quick and is crying for me to get her up but not the case this time.
 Love those pretty blue eyes!

 Good practice holding her head up!

 She was probably wondering why I kept flashing the camera in her face...
 She's trying to eat everything as usual...even her playmat when she rolled back by it.
I guess I've been on an animal print thing lately because these are two of my favorite outfits right now!
Sweet, sweet girl!  Love her so much!

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