Wednesday, September 5, 2012

More Beach pics!

 This little baby girl enjoyed her naps at the beach!!  She was so relaxed by the waves!  I'll never forget the time I was holding her while she napped...I think she slept for 2 hours!  Luckily I had pulled my beach chair up to the water so the waves were coming up on my feet so I wasn't too hot (we were also covered by the umbrella but the waves were so nice!)  It was such a special time for me...several of my most favorite things combined, I was in heaven!!
Sure it has something to do with me being her momma but I don't know if she can get any cuter than she was in her little polka dot hat!

She always is finding something to put in her mouth...this day she had the hat strap & fingers...yum!

Taking a few pictures before we head out to dinner...daddy always so excited to take more pictures.  He does enjoy taking them more than being in them...

Looks like she has the "crazy hair" in this picture

Looks like she's really trying to tell me something here...

Playing the piano with Aunt Sara

She looks very focused

Just lounging in my chair, mom, such a big girl!

Trying out the ruffles on her suit

She loves when daddy throws her up in the air!  Loved that I was able to catch her smile!

Still more beach pictures to come....I took so many cute pictures!!

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