Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bre's First Beach Trip!!!

We had a great time at the beach this year!!  It was Bre's first vacation & trip to the beach!  Apparently she's like her momma because she really seemed to enjoy it! Our first couple days were a little cloudy with some rain but it actually worked out well to have some beach time with Bre and not have to worry about her getting too much sun.  (As it turned out we just barely missed Isaac but we had great weather for most of our trip, so we were lucky!)

Think she may of had a different bathing suit for everyday (thanks to some new suits & hand me downs from Lilly) and I just thought she looked too cute!  We got a lot of comments from beach walkers about all the hair!  The humidity in the air really helped her little ringlets show up!  (Now that we've gotten back home, they are curling quite as much)

Having a great time!  Mommy couldn't be happier!

Cutie pie with Daddy...just a talking (if only we knew what she was saying)

Having some fun with DeDe

Think she had gotten hungry & Mike was holding her and telling us we needed to be more prepared and get a little quicker with our bottle fixing!  Very mistreated this one...

She's always such a happy girl...unless she's hungry then she'll let you know!  Lilly & Reid had come home with balloons from somewhere and Bre was just loving them.  Think it was her first time to see one!

Daddy was having some fun with the balloon the face she's making in this picture.  Think it's actually from the flash on the camera.

We had lots of good cousin time!  Lilly & Reid love Baby Breanna and she loves them!  She would laugh at both of them but something about Reid would just make her laugh & laugh!  There were a bunch of sweet kisses from both Lilly & Reid.

Hard to get 3 monkeys to look at the camera all at the same time!  Especially when there are morning cartoons on!

More beach pics still to come...don't worry the trip was well documented!!

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