Friday, August 3, 2012

Playing with my toes

We decided to be crazy tonight and broke our usual tradition of eating at Posados for Sunday lunch and went tonight instead! Who knows...we may still go Sunday too, their fajitas are so good!

Bre was just as happy as could be! She started geeting hungry so Daddy gave her a bottle as we were finishing up and she was so good to go! Great family dinner!

She is loving playing with her toes almost as much as she does her hands!  After Bert finished feeding her they were just playing and she kept trying (successfully I might add) to put her fingers in his mouth.  I decided she was thinking "Dad you should really try these they're so good"!

She was a trooper this week and went to Daycare all 5 days, it's been a busy week for Mommy!  But she had a great time at Mrs. Tracy's!  The last picture is her doing some tummy time at Mrs. Tracy's looking like a big girl!

This is my first post from my iPad and it was very easy!  May be able to get more pictures on here now that I've figured this out!

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