Saturday, August 4, 2012

Rice Cereal...

This was our second time to try the rice cereal and she's already getting better at it!  She kept arching her back like she was trying to flip out of her bumbo or just making it more challenging for daddy....not sure which she was going for.  Again not sure how much she actually ate compared to how much she was spitting back out.

She looks like such a big girl in this picture...not sure I'm ready for her to look this big!

Here she is eating her hands, they are apparently much tastier than the rice cereal!

Here she is leaning back and you have to watch out for those hands!  She'll swat the spoon and send rice cereal everywhere!

She's our happy girl, always smiling!  Love her sweet smile & laugh, never gets old!

Laying on the couch playing and talking to Mommy

Decided to break out her bouncy seat, we hadn't tried it in awhile. 
Getting those feet!

Doing some Super Woman flying with Mommy...lots of big smiles!

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