Saturday, December 17, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Our first family Christmas Card!  We finally decided on the name right before Thanksgiving and annouced to family while we were home in Arkansas....Breanna Katherine Scott!  It was fun to be able to include one of her ultrasound pictures on the card and announce her name to everyone we hadn't been able to tell yet!

Just in time for our annual Christmas Party, I was able to get Breanna's stocking completed!  Last year, when I made the other three, I had already designed two others for when we would have kids, so it was fun to be able to complete her's this year!

Fun to see it hanging up and also the first time to see her name monogrammed on something.  Makes it even more real!

25 Week Ultrasound

Our doctor sent us for another ultrasound because she was moving so much last time they couldn't get a good look at her spine.  He told us not to worry because the fact that she was moving so much meant her spine was fine but we'll find out for sure this coming Wednesday. 
We were both excited to have another ultrasound and get to see her again!  She was showing off her flexibility (or cramped room) by being curled up in a ball.  Her feet were up by her face.  When we first started the ultrasound she had her hands up by her ankles.  In this picture, you can see her foot right by her nose.

Here's another picture of her sweet face!  Not sure this pictures turned out as clear as the one we got at our last ultrasound.

Love this shot of her foot!
Here's the position we found her in when we started.  Her legs are straight up and she holding her leg around the ankle.

We just can't wait to meet her...seems like the time is going by so fast and I know she'll be here very soon!  I am feeling great, plenty of energy and pretty much normal.  Just have this growing belly (which everyone tells me is small but is starting to feel pretty noticeable to me!)  It has been fun to start feeling her move around some more, few kicks here and there!

Excited for our doctor's appointment on Wednesday to hear the details from the measurements and pictures she took.  Have my glucose test coming up soon, so hopefully I'll pass that with no problems!

Friday, November 18, 2011

4D Ultrasound - 21 weeks

We just love ultrasounds and today was no exception getting to see her in 4D!  It's just amazing to be able to see what's going on inside there.  She is approximately 1lb 3oz right now.

This was really cute...she was rubbing her eye with her hand.  I was hoping they would let Bert take a video of it with his phone but we couldn't.

Like this one can you can see her little fingers up by her face.  Thought she was sucking her thumb at first when they were zooming in on her here but she just had both hands up there close.

Fingers & Elbow

Another close up of the her sweet little face!
Here's a picture of the bottom of her feet

Love this profile can see her little nose, mouth & chin!  We weren't able to get a good profile picture at our last ultrasound so I wanted to make sure we got one today.  She likes to wiggle around but we got it!

Another shot confirming she's a girl!

Monday, November 7, 2011

It's a Girl!

We invited Mom, Mike & Debbie to come down for the 18 week ultrasound to find out what we were having.  It was special to all find out at the same time!  It took quite awhile for the news to sink in...not sure I believed the doctor the first several times he told us.  I kept asking, "are you sure?" and he kept pointing out again & again that she was a girl!  I didn't have any idea going into the appointment so I was totally surprised.  Bert says he had a feeling it was going to be a girl.
Decided sort of last minute to have a Reveal Party since I had been hearing so much about them.  Found several ideas from other parties and blogs that Kristi and I were able to pull together.  She came over Thursday morning and we made a boy & girl cake so we would be prepared either way.
Katy & Hannah playing with the pumpkins.
Everyone voted as they came in...Lindsey voted Boy & Bailey voted Girl
Kristi, Katy & Alex voting
Kristi & I in front of our cakes.  We thought they turned out great, especially for our first try at fondant icing!
Lindsey was hoping for a boy to play with Parker but was very excited when she found out girl!
Staci had guessed boy but said she normally always guessing wrong for anyone but herself...and her streak continued!
Me & the Mom's (who had both guessed girl)
Kristi is also pregnant and 2 weeks further along than me!  She's having a boy!  Very excited that the two will be born so close!
Saw this idea on another blog and thought it was too cute!

Cutting the cake to reveal Girl!  After the initial cutting of the pink cake, we cut both cakes and everyone chose which color they wanted.
Bailey & Katy playing in the streamers

The kids were having a great time...building a fort in the chair.

Team Girl
Team Boy...Bert decided he would be in the boy picture since I was in the girl picture.
Here's the whole group!  It was a such a fun night to be able to tell all of our close friends at the same time!  I would definitely recommend it!

Here's the proof...she was being very cooperative!  I wasn't so sure what we were seeing but since the ultrasound a friend has shown me her picture of a boy and it's much clearer to me now.

Here's a straight on view of her face & stomach.  We are really looking forward to our 4D ultrasound in a week & half!

First Ultrasound...9 weeks

Here's our first ultrasound at 9 weeks!  It was amazing to finally see the baby!  The baby was showing off for us by flipping around and moving it's arms & legs!

Surprise...We're Having a Baby!

Yes, after 7 years we are having a baby!  We found out on the Wednesday before coming home on Friday and keeping the news to ourselves for that long was hard!  Well for me at least, not sure Bert had as much trouble as I did.  My strategy was just not to talk to Mom much on the phone because I was afraid she could tell it in my voice.  
We went home for Mike's surprise birthday dinner and had a surprise of our own!  We decided to tell everyone while taking a picture so we could capture their expressions and we had a lot of fun with it!  Here's Mom above when we told her...just love the look on her face!

After we ordered but before the food came we had everyone get together for a group picture and told Mike & Debbie, Matt & Sara.  Mom was so excited she didn't get the actual group photo taken right before Bert told them!  But we did get these reaction shots right after!

It took a minute for the news to sink first they thought it was a joke!

Bert and Mike after dinner...hope it was a good birthday surprise for him! 

Here's my Dad giving the crazy eyes after he first found out!  Chad already knew at this point and was having a hard time not talking about the baby until we were able to take the picture.

Shelley was so excited about being an Aunt!

Loved this picture of Bert & Chad...can't remember what I did to get them to laugh so hard but it cracks me up!

Here we are just starting the journey...4 weeks pregnant!