Monday, November 7, 2011

Surprise...We're Having a Baby!

Yes, after 7 years we are having a baby!  We found out on the Wednesday before coming home on Friday and keeping the news to ourselves for that long was hard!  Well for me at least, not sure Bert had as much trouble as I did.  My strategy was just not to talk to Mom much on the phone because I was afraid she could tell it in my voice.  
We went home for Mike's surprise birthday dinner and had a surprise of our own!  We decided to tell everyone while taking a picture so we could capture their expressions and we had a lot of fun with it!  Here's Mom above when we told her...just love the look on her face!

After we ordered but before the food came we had everyone get together for a group picture and told Mike & Debbie, Matt & Sara.  Mom was so excited she didn't get the actual group photo taken right before Bert told them!  But we did get these reaction shots right after!

It took a minute for the news to sink first they thought it was a joke!

Bert and Mike after dinner...hope it was a good birthday surprise for him! 

Here's my Dad giving the crazy eyes after he first found out!  Chad already knew at this point and was having a hard time not talking about the baby until we were able to take the picture.

Shelley was so excited about being an Aunt!

Loved this picture of Bert & Chad...can't remember what I did to get them to laugh so hard but it cracks me up!

Here we are just starting the journey...4 weeks pregnant!


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