Friday, November 18, 2011

4D Ultrasound - 21 weeks

We just love ultrasounds and today was no exception getting to see her in 4D!  It's just amazing to be able to see what's going on inside there.  She is approximately 1lb 3oz right now.

This was really cute...she was rubbing her eye with her hand.  I was hoping they would let Bert take a video of it with his phone but we couldn't.

Like this one can you can see her little fingers up by her face.  Thought she was sucking her thumb at first when they were zooming in on her here but she just had both hands up there close.

Fingers & Elbow

Another close up of the her sweet little face!
Here's a picture of the bottom of her feet

Love this profile can see her little nose, mouth & chin!  We weren't able to get a good profile picture at our last ultrasound so I wanted to make sure we got one today.  She likes to wiggle around but we got it!

Another shot confirming she's a girl!

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