Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Piggies & Paws Party

We had a lot of fun Saturday at our Piggies & Paws Party!  I saw a couple at a friend/client's house before Breanna was born and knew I wanted to do some when she got here!  Decided that if I hosted a party, I may be able to get a few free prints, so that's what I did!  (Also helped me get motivated to give the house a much needed cleaning, so that was a bonus!) Can't wait to see the prints...should get them back in November!

It was almost like a play date too, a lot of fun for the kids and the mommas to get together and catch up!
Hannah & Katy hit it off pretty quick!  They are just a few months apart.

Landry is LaCee's little boy & Bre's buddy at daycare.

Here's a pic of Landry & his momma, LaCee

Adam is going to be one tough little guy!  He's loves the attention from his big sis, Katy (& Alex too but he wasn't at the party).  Here Katy is holding Adam to talk to Bre.

Bre was just as happy as a clam in her jumper!  Jump, Jump, Jump we say...

Here's Bre & Adam...Adam's just 2 weeks older than BreBre

And here's the 3 musketeers...Landry, Bre & Adam
Landry is 5 weeks younger than Bre & Bre is 2 weeks younger than Adam.  So it's youngest to oldest from the left to the right.

Bre's definitely got both the boys beat in the leg department!  I'm not teasing her, I love her sweet little legs!

Love this picture of Adam, he's a cutie!

LaCee kept being afraid that Landry was going to pull Breanna's hair...he got his hand up there but never pulled it.  I wasn't worried, they play together everyday at school!   
Little Landry's shoes were so cute!  Bre has still never worn shoes but LaCee said she has to accessorize with shoes since she can't use bows!  It's going to be fun watching these 3 grow up!

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