Thursday, September 6, 2012

5 Months....Where does the time go?

Our baby girl turned 5 months at the beach!!  

I'm not sure she could be any sweeter!  She's such a happy girl, always laughing & smiling!  Talking/squealing up a storm...just the other night I told Bert that she sounded like a bunch of bottle rockets going off while she was jumping in her jumper.

She still has all that hair!  Hasn't thinned any...hoping it won't!  Does require a little more maintenance but I'm not complaining, I love it!

She has been working on rolling over and has been able to roll over for quite a while but she kept pinning her arm underneath her.  While we were at the beach, just a few days after turning 5 months, she finally was able to pull her arm out from underneath her!  I was so glad to be there to see it when it first happened!  

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