Sunday, September 23, 2012

6 months!!

Hard to believe Miss BreBre is 6 months old!
She as sweet as ever!  Not sure if I'll jinx it by writing about it in the post (I'll keep my fingers crossed) but the last 3 nights she has pretty much slept through the night!  Not sure if she was waiting for the 6 month mark but we'll take it!!!  Now that I've shared this, I'm hoping we'll keep the streak going!

I love this picture below, guess it's the way her eyes are lit up, not sure...

I was getting her to laugh and trying to get a good pic of her two teeth that she's been hiding.  Finally got them in this picture!

Here they are again!  Love those big blue eyes!!   

If she doesn't have her hands in her mouth, then she's grabbing her feet, got them both here!

Probably some good leg patting going on here.  She loves to pat!

Her hair is definitely getting lighter!

Can't express how much of a blessing this sweet girl is to us and how much she's changed our lives for the better!  She's the sweetest, happiest, most precious baby girl I know!  (Not that I'm partial or anything!)  We thank God everyday for her and are so incredibly blessed to be her parents!

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