Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bre & Me (the sweetest poem by PaPa)

Bre was born on PaPa's 91st birthday! 
He wrote the sweetest poem about their similarties & differences!  It is so special to both Bert & I...and BreBre too when she's old enough to read it!

Bre and Me

This poem is being written with just ONE thing to say…
That BreBre, a sweet little great grand, shares my day.
I’m so amazed at the many ways we’re so much alike,
Even though I’m old and fat, and she’s a cute little tyke
We are a lot alike in so very many special ways,
And the most of those are not about birthdays
Neither of us has even a single tooth in our smiles,
And neither one can walk a foot, and sure no miles.

One big difference I shouldn’t even begin to relate…
We were not even both hatched out’n the same state.
Bre’s state, Texas, has Longhorns and wide-open spaces
 While Arkansas boasts Razorbacks, lakes and horse races.

Bre’s parents are so different to the ones I once had,
It’s not that either of our parents were one bit bad;
But my parents had other children before they had me,
While Bert and Becca started a family with little BreBre !

For almost a century March 21st has been my special day,
And was mine alone until little BreBre came our way.
I’m real heart-happy, and so very glad that I can say
That Bre and Me will always share the same birthday!

Pa Pa Charlie

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