Monday, July 2, 2012

A Week in Arkansas!

I had been keeping my eye on what I thought was just a clogged milk duct and through a series of doctors appointments, ended up having surgery to remove a Lactoma.  Thankfully it was benign!  Such a relief because it was definitely a scare!  For a week or so, in between the radiology appointment and the surgical consult, we were afraid it might be breast cancer.  So with the surgery on a Thursday morning the doctor was able to tell us immediately that it was nothing to worry about...can't even tell you how great that was to hear!  Definitely an answered prayer!  The following Monday we got the official path report confirming what the doctor thought after surgery.

GG, Poppy and Abby had come down for a visit to spend some time with Bre and help out thinking I was only going to a surgical consult, not knowing that we would end up with a surgery the same week.  It was great to have them down, such a huge help! 
Here's a picture of Bre after waking up with a nap while GG was holding her...she can get some crazy hair!!  We decided it was definitely time for a bath!  May seem like I complain about her hair being wild but I don't want it to sound that way because I LOVE her hair!  These two pictures just crack me up because of the faces she was making!

This baby girl loves her bath!  I can usually get several big smiles and laughs out of her!  She doesn't even mind getting her hair washed, which is a good thing!

This may be my favorite bath time picture!

As great as the good news was after surgery, when Bert called to tell his parents, we found out that his grandfather had passed away early that morning.  We were in shock with the news because we had been home for Mother's Day weekend and visited him and he looked really good!  We were so glad he had been able to meet Bre while we were home then.  So the day after the surgery we headed up to Arkansas for his funeral.  The bright side of all of this is that we got to spend some great quality family time in Arkansas!  I was not supposed to pick up more than 10 pounds for 7-10 days, so that meant I wasn't able to pick up Bre.  Bert decided it would be best if he left the two of us in Arkansas for the rest of the week so I could have help when he had to go back to work.

Here's Bre with Grandma Betty

Lilly & Reid were in too, so there was a lot of good cousin time!  It was so sweet the night we got in, Reid was telling Bre, "I love you so much" and "I am so proud of you"!  Both Lilly & Reid were so glad to see her and she really enjoyed watching them!

Lilly kept wanting to hold her all by herself...she's such a big girl! Here she is reading Bre a story while DeDe holds her.

Lilly & Reid were also so excited to see Uncle Bert!  They always have a great time playing together!  We hadn't seen them since they had come to Texas so it had been a little bit since we had all been together.

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