Monday, June 25, 2012

Play Date with Kristi & the Kiddos

One of my best friends, Kristi, just had her third, Adam, who is 2 weeks older than Bre.  We try to get them together as much as we can.
Big sister Katy loves her some "Baby Breanna"...Here she is giving her some kisses.  Kristi says she calls some of her dolls "Baby Breanna" too.  Too cute!

Katy has the prettiest curly hair...we're still waiting to see if Breanna's hair is going to have some curl.  One thing we do know is that it already has some wave to it!

Here's Adam, Katy & Bre...some how I didn't get any pictures of Alex.

The two of them are really pretty close in size and length but Bre may have a few more rolls on her little legs than Baby Adam...

Adam is a pro with loud noises with an older brother & sister but Bre doesn't quite know what to think of it all the time.  Every once in a while she gets startled when Katy gets excited singing or talking, her eyes are funny in this picture just crack me up!  Adam actually looks a little surprised too!

1 comment:

  1. Adam has some hair, too! (:

    Glad to see Bre is being properly socialized. Haha!

    Lilly and Reid do a lot of taking care of "Baby Breanna" with their dolls, too. She is a very special baby girl. (: