Saturday, June 23, 2012

Cutie Pie

Bre was dressed up in a new outfit today and just couldn't help but take some pictures while Daddy was home for lunch!  She was really enjoying sitting with him and watching Sports Center while I was finishing my lunch and the occassion just could not go un-photographed!

Big them!!

How can you say no to this face?  We better start practicing now because I think we're going to have some trouble!

Big laugh, she was just having a good time!

This girl loves laying on her changing table.  Not sure exactly why, maybe it's because she can look at her shelves or is closer to her ceiling fan, another major focal point for her but she will just lay and talk to you there!

She just starting to get some hand/eye coordination and when she gets it together whatever she has is headed straight for her mouth.  Her she is giving one of her dolls kisses.

Clean cutie fresh out of the bath.  We try to let her hair dry before putting her down but the back normally sticks up anyway and that's okay.  I do try to brush it down to start off with but it has a mind of it's own!

Here's our sweet girl after waking up, she's normally in a pretty good mood right off the bat!  If you catch her waking up soon enough you can pretty much get some big smiles as soon as she sees you!

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