Wednesday, June 20, 2012

First Father's Day with BreBre

We had a really good first Father's Day with Bre!  We started off the morning by going to get breakfast for him and then opened a couple cards and a present!
Here's Bre telling him Happy Father's Day.

She was helping him read the card, I just love the look on her face, she was really into it!

DeDe was down for the weekend and the four of us went to lunch together - Texas Roadhouse, very yummy!  Before we went had to get a few pictures... 

Well maybe a few more than a few but I can't help myself with such cute subjects!  It never gets old to see her do one of her big smiles or laugh - I just love them!

Trying for a couple family pics...Buddy was more cooperative than BreBre, he was actually looking at the camera!

Had to get one with Mommy since my hair & make-up were actually done, that's definitely rare these days!

DeDe was a big help this weekend (I still wasn't able to pick up Bre after my surgery until Sunday) so we were very thankful to have her here! DeDe was wearing her flag shirt which just fascinated Breanna.

Here they are playing with her rattle ball.  She is really getting interested in her toys these days.  She's trying to grab them and get them back to her mouth and is successful quite a bit of the time.  She just seems to be able to focus on a toy and really study it.

And one of her favorites right now is looking up at her play gym.  It has two options, one with lights and the other makes the birds fly around in a circle (wish it would do both) but it doesn't seem to bother her.  She just loves to look up at the lights and laughs and coos.  It's been nice for when we're eating because for a while seem like we were having to eat in shifts and this way she's entertained!

I think I surprised her with this shot, her eyes got so big!  She's 13 weeks today and will officially be 3 months tomorrow!  Amazing how fast it's going by but even more amazing how much we love her!

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  1. She is SO stinking CUTE!!! I just love her! (: That picture of you two is great--definitely a "framer."