Saturday, June 2, 2012

Meeting Granddaddy

While we were home for Mother's Day (Breanna's first trip to Arkansas) Bre met Granddaddy & Eutha for the first time!  Granddaddy has only been asking us since the day we got married when we were going to have some grandchildren for him.  Hopefully she was worth the wait, we did make him wait for 7-1/2 years!  We enjoyed our time before she got here but now we couldn't imagine life without her!

He had to feel the hair to believe it...we get that a lot or at least the comments about the amount of hair!  She does have a bunch and it's a lot of fun to put all the bows in.  (However I didn't have one to match this outfit at the time but I have that problem solved now!)
4 Generation Picture
Think it's so neat that we were able to get this one.  We made sure to get one of her with all the Great Grandparents!
You never know if she might get a little fussy or just not want to sit but she sat in Granddaddy's lap for a long time!  (Mike thought it may have been the longest he had held a baby her age.)

With DeDe's help, we were able to get some good smiles going!  They were playing a game with her burp cloth and she was getting a big kick out of it!

Bre & Eutha
This is the hand she always gets out of the swaddle first.

Cute shot with Mommy!
Mike & Bert

We had a great visit, Bert and I really enjoyed showing her off!

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