Thursday, June 21, 2012

3 Months Old...Can't believe it!

Breanna is 3 months old! 

I think I say this in every post but the time goes by so quickly, we're trying to enjoy every moment!  She really seems to have grown in the last month....nothing official but we think she may be 13 pounds now (up from 11 lbs 1 oz at her 2 mo. check-up).  I also think she's got some more length because she has pretty much outgrown her bassinett and has now been sleeping in her crib for the last few nights.

Her personality is really starting to come out...she's a great baby and is always smiling & laughing!  We're still getting up a couple times a night, so not quite there yet on the sleeping through the night part but hopefully we'll be getting there soon!  She has pretty good head/neck control and was doing an especially good job holding it up for me to take the pictures!

Well you may not believe it but I actually narrowed down these pictures, there were probably twice as many so I apologize but I didn't figure there was such a thing as too many pictures!

She kept sticking her tongue out...Bert & I both really liked this picture

This one looks like "deer in the headlights" face to me, such a cute face

I just love all the faces she makes...she really has some different looks.  Love that my camera is fast enough to catch them all!  PaPa, if you're reading this, you'll be glad to know I finally took some pictures of her!  I know you were just kidding me but I can't help but keep the camera out all the time, plus Gram said she was needing some new pictures.  Looking forward to this month and all the changes & growing she'll do!

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