Sunday, October 14, 2012

Playing in my Room!

So sitting up has opened up a whole new world of playing with toys for Miss BreBre.  We were playing in her room just the other day having a good time with all the toys!

Bert's great grandmother made this quilt for him when he was little.  He was a fan of pink in his younger days and requested this color to be in his quilt.  I'm guessing she tried to "boy it up" some by using blue & green for the butterflies.  And I'm not sure if he also requested butterflies...I'll have to ask about that.  Anyway, it works out because now we have a beautiful quilt for Breanna! (with her Daddy's initials, which are almost the same as Bre's)

I know all of these pictures probably look the same to everyone else but just humor me... I saw something special in each of these I picked out when I was going through the 50 or so I took during this little photo shoot to pick for the blog...I thought it was too cute above how she had her hand on her leg and was zoned in on a butterfly!

Really playing with her toys, so cute to watch!

Flashing those blue eyes for the camera

Again just love this one (even though some of her face is in shadow)

This pictures are just so precious to me...poor girl can't take a bad picture :)! 
(Not a biased momma or anything!)

The things that I think she would really want to chew on to cut teeth are never what I would guess...she seems to go for very thin things like these wings.  Definitely not any actual teething toys...

The wings on this doll have the celophane in them and are very fun to play with!

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