Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Working with Mommy

This past week was Bre's first week at Wee Learn, which has later hours and is allowing me to keep Bre home with me on Fridays!! We had to do a little work, had a backsplash install that was wrapping up, so she came along to be my little design assistant. Luckily, Julie, my client, has three little boys and plenty of toys! We met Daddy for lunch & had her first hair cut which I'll do a separate post for. So by the end of the day she was worn out!

Poor BreBre woke up Sunday morning with a high fever and we've been battling it ever since. We went to the Dr on Monday morning and started some antibiotics but we're headed back in the morning because she's still running high fever and just not her normal self. Praying that she'll be better very soon! Dr thinks it may have been a virus turned into a sinus infection, probably due to starting the new daycare.

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