Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving Family Fun!

We have so much to be thankful for, especially this sweet little thing!  We've had a wonderful time hanging out with family this Thanksgiving.

Enjoying some banana popsicle...brrrr, her little hand looked like it was going to have frost bite from holding the popsicle in one hand so long but luckily did not!


Morning with GG & Poppy...we were all still in our pjs and headed down to see Gram & PaPa

Aunt Charlotte stopped by to play, Char Char and Bre snatched her glasses...

She has a thing about putting glasses, sunglasses, whatever upside down, too cute!

Had to get a few pics but then got them off of her, wasn't sure if they would hurt her eyes or not after we had documentation, they came right off :)

Aunt Char Char got her some ballet slippers which she wore all morning 

 After a day of shopping on Black Friday (minus kids) they stayed home with the Daddy's and Mike spending some quality cousin bonding time, we decided to take them for a fun day of The Wonder Place & to see Frozen, fun times!
Here we are at The Wonder Place...wish I could have gotten a picture of BreBre with the puppets, she was so cute with them.  I had one on my hand and was pretending to bite her fingers with the puppet and she was cracking up.  Then she gave the puppet & my arm a big hug, so sweet!
Aunt Sara had taken Lilly and Reid before but this was our first time and we really enjoyed it!  Very neat place, so glad we were able to go.

This was a fast slide!

Reidster working with the tool bench

 Here we are in the craft room and the blurry hand is Bre pulling her hand back after wanting to get it traced...she's notorious for leaving her hand down just long enough to get one maybe two fingers traced before she pulls it up
 She liked the markers, I think she's used to coloring with crayons so these markers were super cool!
On the second floor of the playhouse

 Spying out the window

 playing with the baby as she kept calling her...the baby didn't want to come back down when BreBre wanted her to...she kept motioning her hand and saying come-on, come-on but no luck

Miss Lilly fixing me up a sandwich!  Such a sweet niece to take care of Aunt Becca like that :) She was looking too cute in her chef's hat!

Bre was coming to help

getting her condiments

 Bre emptied out the silverware drawer and Reid was helping wash all of it
I believe Reid was taking an order over the phone here

Order up!

Heavy on the Bread....must be making some club sandwiches

Working the checkout register at the market

She was getting pretty rough with the cash register so Aunt Sara decided she must be working the Black Friday sells and all she could stand

But as usual she wasn't in one place long, we were quickly onto the book nook and she sped read the princess book to me in some foreign language I did not understand :)  Just kidding but it is hilarious to listen to her talk in her long sentences!

At the very end she finally discovered the water table and managed to still get a little wet even with her cape on but that's okay, she had a great time!


Not long after they had caught a few fish, we were off to the movies to watch Frozen!  Bre really did good for her 2nd movie ever.  She was pretty content until the last 15 minutes or so when she was fighting sleep.  Frozen was really cute by the way!
She had fallen asleep in the car on the way to dinner and did not wake-up until we were almost through eating dinner.  But don't worry she got a good second wind after this little cat nap :)  She has been having a blast playing with everyone!  So thankful we get to spend this special time with family!  God has truly blessed us greatly!

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