Saturday, March 24, 2012

Breanna's Birth Day!

After 38 weeks of waiting, the wait was finally over because Breanna was on the way!  We were so excited to be meeting our daughter later that day! Breanna's birthday is on a very special day, PaPa's 91st Birthday!Bert and I got to the hospital early that morning a little before 6:30am to get everything started. 

Inspired by Kristi, I had made my hospital gown for this special day.  Dr. Tibiletti said he thought I should start mass producing them and selling them to the hospital.  Not sure there will be time for that...

I got my epidural at 9am and was so relieved that it was not the horrible experience I had imagined.  I felt such a weight lifted off me at that point.  I felt very lucky, my whole experience was a good one, from the labor, to the nurses, to the entire hospital stay!

Mom & Jim waiting for her arrival

My first nurse was Laura.  She was great!  I was very nervous when we first got to the hospital but she definitely made me feel more comfortable.  Her shift ended at 6pm so she missed Breanna's arrival but she did make sure and request a large room with two beds for us to move into afterwards.  We were so grateful because Breanna was running a mild fever after she was born and we ended up staying 48 hours, so the extra bed and large room was great!

Bert & DeDe

Here we are later in the afternoon

At shift change, I got two nurses, Catlin & Jelaine and they were awesome!  I was actually the only delivery of the day (very unusual they told me) but worked out great for Breanna & I becuase we got extra special treatment!  By the time shift change came around, I was getting close to pushing.

Breanna made her debut at 7:58pm!  She weighed 8 lbs 1 oz and measured 21.25" long.  I was pleasantly surprised that she was smaller than Bert and I were as babies.  Dr. Tibiletti got a kick out of Mom commenting that she ONLY weighed 8 lbs 1 oz....he wasn't used to that weight being referred to as a smaller baby.

Proud DeDe

Here's our healthy baby girl!  She's just perfect, not that we're partial or anything!  Everyone kept commenting on how much hair she had and how long it was while I was pushing, so I was so excited to finally see her.  Mom had told me I had quite a bit of black hair as a baby but not as much as Breanna...she has a ton of hair!

I was so glad that I could see the warmer from the bed.  I know she couldn't see me but she was directly to my right and looking towards me.

Proud Daddy!

Bert and Bre with Dr. Tibiletti

Bert and I both love Dr. Tibiletti.  He is just hilarious and he was very encouraging throughout the delivery!

Our first family photo with our sweet baby girl!  Bert and I were instantly so in love!  Such a miracle and blessing from God!

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  1. I am so glad it was such a great day! She is so gorgeous! Such a proud Aunt!! That last picture is just precious! Can't wait to see you guys and finally hold her!!