Monday, March 26, 2012

Breanna's First Two Days

We spent Breanna's first two days at Longview Regional and everyone was great!  We had the best nurses!  Breanna was running a mild fever when she was born so we stayed 48 hours so they could give her antibiotics and monitor her to make sure everything was okay...luckily it was just something she worked up during the delivery and nothing more!  Our large room with the two beds was so nice for our extended stay, Bert had a bed to sleep and we had room to spread out, really made our stay even more enjoyable.
Bert and I were so excited to finally meet Breanna!  We couldn't wait to see her sweet face, find out how much she would weigh, if she would have hair, etc.  We thought she would be cute and that we would instantly be wrapped around her finger but when we finally met her that was an understatement!

She is just precious and we just think she's gorgeous (again not partial or anything)!  Everyone, including one of our favorite nursery nurses, Sandy just kept on about all of her hair. She has a bunch of hair and it's very long and dark.  (Probably close to my natural hair color, although it's been a long time since I've seen it).  Her cheeks are so plump but the rest of her body is long and lean...not like her momma, I was quite a chubby baby.

DeDe and Mike

DeDe holding our sweet baby girl just before having to leave to go back to Arkansas.

Mike wasn't sure he was going to hold her because she was so small but I told him we needed to get a picture, so he did and here's the proof!

Lindsey Simpson stopped by to meet Breanna and brought us these beautiful flowers!  So glad she was able to come by and hold Bre!

Here's a picture of her poor little hand they were giving her the antibiotics through...all three of us were glad to see it off before we left on Friday night!  (The good thing was that it really didn't seem to bother her too much).

So peaceful!

A little bonding time in the rocking chair...I could hold her forever and just love looking at her sweet face!

The door hanger Breanna Pelkey (cousin) made for us
Daddy and Bre Bre spending some quality time together.  

Mom & Breanna...
Mom and I have always been super close but now having my own daughter, I feel even closer to her.  I am so looking forward to having that special connection with Breanna!  
Mom is trying to decide between GG or PJ as her grandma name...not sure which it's going to be yet.  She's been thinking GG but just decided she may want to go with PJ...either is fine with me!

Finally around 5pm on Friday, we were cleared to go home, so we started getting Breanna dressed for the trip!  We were very excited (and a little nervous) to take her home!

She was a really good sport while we were getting her dressed!  She even posed for some pictures!

Love this picture of her & sweet!

Just waiting on my discharge papers...

Got them!  Now we just had to get her in the car seat and we were on our way!

Here we go!  More pictures of coming home...coming soon!

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  1. From every picture I have seen she looks like she just has the most relaxed personality!!

    Such sweet pictures! (: