Sunday, April 1, 2012

We're Home!

We're finally on our way home!  We both had been discharged and we're ready to go!
Breanna did great on the car ride home, don't think she cried any on our trip home.  It was a beautiful sunny day and I was happy to have a change of scenery after two days in the hospital!

Our first family picture together after getting to the house.

Well...can't forget Buddy, here's our first family picture!
Breanna really enjoys being swaddled in a blanket.

Here she is with Aunt Shelley!  Shelley & Josie had been on a Spring Break trip out to Santa Fe and came back through so they could meet Breanna!  I was so glad they did!

Here's Aunt Shelley (my Big Sis) and Cousin Josie
We discovered very soon that Breanna loves the swing!  It's already come in handy a couple of nights when I couldn't get her back to sleep.

Here's miss Breanna with Daddy and Aunt Shelley right before she was having to leave to go back to Arkansas.

Goodbye kiss from Aunt Shelley

Daddy & Breanna with Cousin Josie

Here's another sweet photo with Daddy, you really can't get too many!  At least that's my philosophy!

Here she is so peaceful in her swing!  It's been so great to be home with our new baby girl!  It's amazing how fast the time went by and that she's already here, but we're sure glad!  We just fall more in love with her every day!

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