Monday, April 23, 2012

Razorback Cutie

Not too long after our professional newborn photo shoot, I was inspired to take these Razorbacks pictures.  Bre was very cooperative and I think they turned out just adorable!  (We got the pail as a wedding gift, so I think it's neat we were able to take her picture in it!)

I have so many favorites but this one may be it...

Close up of those sweet toes!

Love how she's waving in this one...just wish I would of had her diaper off but still a darling picture if I do say so myself!

Little smile

Starting to wake up and stretching out...I think it may of been about this time that Bert told me he was not going to be happy if I let her fall out of the tub.  Don't worry she was safe & sound the whole time! 

A big yawn...

Sticking her tongue out

This one is a close tie for my favorite!

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