Monday, April 9, 2012

Bre's First Easter

We've had a great long weekend!  Bert was off work this Friday for Good Friday and since Mom left around mid-morning on Friday, it's just been the three of us (well four counting Buddy).
Today was Bre's first Easter!  We stayed at home, the doctor recommended to keep her away from crowds for the next several weeks. 
DeDe had brought this cute little bunny with some other Easter goodies when she was down last.

Aunt Charlotte got her this cute little outfit, my favorite part are the ruffles on the back, which you'll see in some of the later pictures!  Too cute! 
She was being a pretty good sport for the photo shoot...

But here's where she started to lose interest.

After a little bit, we tried for a few more and I'm glad we did because we got some cute pictures with Mommy!

Sneaking in a kiss!

Here are those ruffles!

Okay, starting to get upset again, so we'll stop for now.

Daddy was able to get her calmed down pretty quickly.

Buddy's a big help and likes to stay close night he gets out of bed to help with feedings (such a considerate big brother)! 

Tomorrow is the first day Bre and I will be on our own...hoping we'll do great.  We'll see...Daddy will be home at lunch and I'm sure we'll do great!

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