Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bre's First Bath

Bre's first bath was a fun time, she really seemed to enjoy it!  Glad Mom was there to get all the pictures to document it for us!

All that hair needs to be washed and that seem to be one of her favorite parts!  I think she enjoyed the warm water rinsing out her hair. We had gotten one of those soft cups to help rinse and it definitely came in handy!

Her hair looks a little curly when it's wet but dries straight.  Mom said that when my first baby hair fell out it came back curly, so I am interested to see what Bre's will do.

Hoping her cord will fall off soon, think it's pretty close!

Love this picture!  She was just a looking at Daddy, such a precious baby girl!

Here we are trying to make sure we get all the soap out of the back of her hair...very concerned parents, our faces look so serious.

And we're all done...clean, happy baby girl!

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