Monday, April 8, 2013

Bre's Actual Birthday (& the day before)

Bert took off on BreBre's actual birthday (which was on a Thursday) and we kept her home with us to celebrate, so she had a little party at Ms. Tracy's on Wednesday!  Here are the beach cupcakes I sent for her school party (got the idea from Aunt Sara!)

Party favors, who doesn't love bubbles...

This was the day before, so Wednesday...

She was eyeing the stairs hard, just a jabbering away, probably telling me she was ready to start climbing them.  Up until this day, she was only able to get up on the landing, which is the first step but couldn't figure out how to start up the other stairs.

Such a cutie!!! Can hardly stand all the cuteness!

Looking all sweet, while plotting how to climb the stairs...

So she made it up the first step as I was taking pictures...

Stretching as far as she could to try to get up another

And then she figured it out, so I quickly picked her up before she kept going.  However, the next day, Thursday, I turned my back for less than a minute and she made it all the way to the next to top step.  So needless to say we have gated off the stairs now :)  We already had one upstairs, so we're covered now!

We had a big day planned for her birthday, first some 1 year and family pictures at Cassie Sullivan's studio.  She did a great job with all the pictures!  The day turned out to be a little rainy and cold so we had to take most inside the studio, instead of some of the outdoors ones we had planned.  Bert picked up the balloons early for her party on Saturday becuase we needed a few for her pictures and this girl loves balloons!

Hard to believe she's already one year old!  Seems just like yesterday we were at the hospital...don't know where all the time has gone!  But each day gets better and better, so we're so excited about all the fun to come! We are so incredibly blessed to have her in our lives!  She couldn't be any sweeter but she's certainly not afraid to speak her mind!  I thank God every day for such a precious little angel! I never had a clue how challenging motherhood would be and much love you can have, it's so wonderful!  You try to imagine it and hear other people talk about it but until they get here, it just doesn't fully sink in. 

You might ask why a blue cake?  Well, it was leftover icing from the beach cupcakes.  She was excited about the candle.

Not sure about the birthday song...

Daddy helping blow out the candle

That was fun!!


Now presents...

Cake & Presents... not sure which one she wants first

She got a special package from Cousin Lynn & Bill, all the way from Australia, great timing got it on the day!

yummy cake

Birthday bath

Ready to open her package from Cousin Lynn & Bill

What could it be...

Daddy helping...

a sweet baby Koala!!  Thanks Cousin Lynn & Bill!

Reading a few stories before bedtime with Daddy, great 1st Birthday!

Party pics are coming!

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