Monday, April 8, 2013

Longview Birthday Party!

We had a luau for BreBre's 1st Birthday Party!!  I can't lie, I had so much fun getting everything together for the party!  I just love birthdays!  So lots of pinterest ideas and just having fun with the luau theme! 
Made me ready for summer!

The cake was definitely a labor of love!  Kristi was a huge help with the fondant, that stuff can be tricky!  I don't think I got any pictures but all 4 layers were different colors of cake.

Bre passing out the lei's

and tasting them too...
Party favors... bubbles & one of Bre's favorites, goldfish!

Saw these candy kabobs and just had to try them for the party!  The kids loved them!

Bre loves bananas & grapes!  Tried to have some of all of her favorite snacks...white cheetos, goldfish and a few other snacks for the bigger kiddos...

Loved these, flip flop cookies made out of Nutter Butter cookies

Lucked out on the easter grass licorice to make the grass skirt!

Adam partying in his lei

Harper & Julie

The beach cupcakes made an appearance too (thanks again Aunt Sara for the cute idea!)

What luau is complete without the barbecue?

Trying to get a pic with the birthday girl but something caught her eye

Katy getting her hula hoop on!

Jennifer Flodder's twins, Jordan & Jacob, just turned 4!

Adam playing with the beach ball

Can't have a party without frozen punch!

Harper, Julie, Hannah, Staci, LaCee & Landry

Alex having a good time!

Birthday cutie!

Getting ready for cake

Adam & Landry (Adam is 1-1/2 months older than Landry)

having a few goldfish

singing Happy Birthday

Not sure if she was getting tired but she wasn't all that interested in her own cake

She had a little icing and then was done.

LaCee and Landry

Picked out my favorite pictures from months, that was hard!

People were commenting that she didn't look like she had changed much since she came out with so much hair!

Playing flamingo toss

the kids seemed to have fun with it...luckily the weather held out long enough for the party.  Right after the party wrapped up, it started pouring down!

Some limbo!

Opening presents...  She has been carrying the drum sticks with her all over the place!

Jacob showing her how the car works, she has really been playing with the car quite a bit

excited about the book!

So glad Lindsey and Baby Charlotte were able to make it!  She was so precious & tiny!

Bre wanted to check her out

Eating some more goldfish with Yadna, Buddy's never far, Bre gives him every other bite I think

Sometimes I think she trys to pick out certain colors but I never am sure.  One thing about it though, she definitely likes them!  The doctor assured me that it's okay and she will eventually eat more, hoping she doesn't get her mommy's picking eating habits, trying to get her to eat more like daddy!

It was a great first birthday party!  We had tons of kids and tons of fun!

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