Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Visit to the Dr

Tracy called me late yesterday and said she thought Bre might be coming down with something. So I was able to get the last appointment of the day to see Dr Whitney! We had to wait a little while so we tools few pictures while we were playing to pass the time! She loves the mirror at the doctors office! She was even giving herself kisses, so cute but I was trying to get her to stop so she wouldn't get any bad germs...so I asked for a kiss myself and she gave me a big open mouthed kiss on the cheek!!!! My first BreBre kiss!!!! I loved it!!!!

The Dr. said ears, lungs and throat looked good but may just be the beginnings of something...fortunately we're headed back Friday for her one year checkup so she suggested we wait until then to start her on any medicine. Just as a precaution I kept her home with me today and she has felt fine, so probably just allergies. I did enjoy her company today, she's been a good design assistant!

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