Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hot Air Balloons!

So in an effort to catch up, here's some pics from the Balloon Race!  We met Kristi and the kids early on Friday morning to see some of the shape balloons air up

Waiting for the pig to air up, takes a little while for these big balloons to get off the ground

Playing with the Adam & Katy

Almost up...

Taking a little snack break

Here we go...up, up & away...

Clapping for the balloon! 
When they would burn the fire, we were so close it was kind of loud and scared her a little and she would turn and hug me.  As soon as they stopped the fire, she was back clapping.

The balloon is finally all the way up!  So we're on our way to the next balloon...

Turns out that all the other balloons were already on their way down, but luckily we caught Daisy right before she went down.

Bre looks so much like Reid in this picture

They told us we could help push out the air

Bre was ready to help!

Katy joining in!

Stomping out the air

They had all of the kids hold hands in a line and walk across the balloon pushing out the air.  Bre didn't make it all the way across with them, she was having too much fun playing on the balloon.

Big smiles!

Patting the balloon

Action shot, she was really getting into it!

Here are some of the bigger kids actually making it all the way to the end of the balloon.

Adam was having a big time too!
Afterwards we went to the park and let the kids play.  Fun morning!

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