Sunday, September 29, 2013

Scotts Texas Weekend

Mike & DeDe and Matt, Sara, Lilly & Reid came down to Texas and we had a very fun weekend!  It was right after Mike's birthday, so we made him another cake :)

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Mike...Happy Birthday to you!

Getting a little help from Lilly & Reid to blow out his candles

Yummy cake!

Saturday was a little rainy, so we headed off to the Tyler Zoo.  Turned out to be perfect zoo weather because it was not the typical Texas July day.

So cute how Reid had his arms folded like Mike, while they waited on everyone to make a pit-stop at the bathroom.  We had just eaten a yummy breakfast at Cracker Barrel!

Watching the flamingos, who were mostly asleep

Love that pointed finger, "Look Daddy!"

Sweet cousins

The kids were in and out of the wagon, probably mostly out but that's okay

In the petting zoo area with the goats

Looking with Aunt Sara

We were feeding some of the biggest koi fish I've ever seen!

BreBre loves to push shopping carts and the wagon is no different!  Reid thought it was pretty funny!

Pushing really hard up the hill

This big guy looked big across the way but while we were looking in on him he jumped up and came right up by the glass.  And I was wrong, he was huge!

Feeding the birds...we had done this back around Spring Break but Bre was a little more skiddish of the birds this time for some reason.

Warming up a little bit to the idea

Snack time!

Not sure how my camera did this but like the little collage!

Probably my favorite part of the zoo!  I love the giraffes!  They have a really nice covered area with a snack bar so we stopped and had a little snack while we watched the giraffes.

At the very end, we came to the playground...

Going through the zebra tunnel

Hmmm, wonder if Reid needs help driving...

Love this sweet pic

Another collage, wish I knew how to do that :)

And she finally in the drivers seat!

She was having the best time steering

Really leaning into it!

My camera caught a little video!  Love it!  Fun times at the zoo!  And a great weekend with the fam!

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