Monday, September 23, 2013

BreBre is 18 months old!

So in honor of Bre's turning 18 months, it's only right I try to get caught up on some blogging and post pictures of her 1 year old party in Arkansas :).....You could say I'm a little behind.

Had so much fun making this cake for my baby girl!

Mom & Jim (GG & Poppy) had just finished their house and started moving in a few days before.  Bert and Jim had a wager on whether or not the house would be finished by Bre's birthday.  The loser had to buy dinner at Texas Roadhouse.  We happily paid up!

Cousins Josie and Abby & Uncle Chad

Hard to believe Abby started college this fall!

Landen & Rory

Birthday girl with DeDe

Miss BreBre with Grandma Betty

Cash & glad these two kiddos & their mommas were able to come!  It was so great to see all of them!

Aunt Sara, Lilly & Reid

Quick pic with Mommy


Reading some cards

Cutie!  Love those big blue eyes!

We tried and tried to get a good pic of all of us but we may have waited too late into the party.  The kids were over taking the pictures pretty quick but I think this one turned out pretty good!  I've been friends with these girls forever!  It's crazy we're all grown up now with kids of our own.  So good to see them and catch up.  Definitely miss them since we're down in Texas and don't get to see each other that often.

She wasn't sure what to think about the Happy Birthday song singing

Starting off with the candle...Cousin Rory leaning in giving a sweet smile!

So serious...

Yum, Yum!

Loved having the party at the new house, it was the perfect spot for all of our family and friends!

Aunt Shelley, Poppy, Uncle Chad, GG & Abby

Cute pic of the big boys

BreBre loves playing with Poppy's hat, she's always keeping her eye on it!

We're so glad Poppy is home from the hospital!  He had a back surgery with several complications that came up and we're so thankful the Lord was looking over him and he's now at home recovering!

Just realized at this point that we had forgotten the special birthday hat I had made, she was less than thrilled at this point for more pictures.  She was starting to get pretty tired.  I believe she had just finished a bath to wash off all the icing :)

Such a cute little tired face

Just a few more pics, trying to get one with DeDe & GG

There's a little smile!  Love it!

We were so glad Matt, Sara & the kids came down!

The Scotts

Miss Lilly & BreBre

Playing with her new toys
We had such a wonderful day celebrating with family & friends!

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