Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My Little Helper & Weekend of Fun!

We had a fun Friday full of Mommy & BreBre time!  We started out by heading to the gym for Body Combat.  BreBre loved the daycare at the gym and had the best time playing with their kitchen.  When I went in to pick her up, she came over to me to show me a piece of watermelon that she had been pretend microwaving and when I told her we had to put it back, she quickly ran back over to the kitchen opened the microwave door and put it in and shut the door.  Then instead of running back to me to leave, she just kept playing and was in no hurry to leave.  I was just happy she was having a good time and after about 6 other kids left, she finally came back over.

After we left the gym, we headed over to Kristi's house to play with Katy & Adam.  Katy was so happy Bre was not asleep in the car.  She had told Kristi, "Bre always falls asleep in the car on the way here."  Well she was awake and had a great time playing!  We went to lunch at Red Lobster, Katy's request. It was fun, I always enjoy spending time with Kristi.  It was pouring down rain the whole morning and really all day.  So we got very wet going & coming that day.  I think it may have been Bre's first time to really be outside in the rain, she thought it was fun and liked being under the umbrella and running in and out.  (Well being carried while I ran)

So about 4:45pm on Friday afternoon, I'm almost certain Bre swallowed a ponytail holder like this one. After talking with the nurse and a friend who's a doctor.  We loaded up and went to a Quick Care clinic for some X-rays to check on the position and make sure it would hopefully pass without a problem.

She was all smiles and dancing on the X-Ray table until it was time to lay down.  They were not able to see it and she was acting totally normal, so I think she's going to be just fine!  We just have the fun task of checking her dirty diapers for the next week or two.

Saturday morning, this baby girl was an early riser.  So we decided to make some Banana Bread.

She was a big helper!

Helping me stir

Didn't get a pic of the finished product but they were delicious!  Yummy!

But that's not all she helped with, I finally had some time to work on Lilly's birthday dress and Bre was very interested.

She helped me sew a few seams.  It was cracking me up how close she was leaning in to inspect things!  So incredibly cute!

Sweet, sweet memories!  I'm very excited about the finished product.  I'll post pics later in the week.  I want it to be a surprise for Sara and the kids.  I made Lilly a dress and Reid a shirt.  Soon to be followed by a matching dress for BreBre.

Sunday afternoon we went outside to play and actually ended up in the big pool but it was a little cool at 80 deg.  She pretty much immediately went straight for the baby pool which was holding some of the rain from Friday.

She was having a blast splashing and dancing around

By the time we were done playing outside she had been in both pools and took a shower in the water hose Daddy was holding for her. Fun times!

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