Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sock Monkey House Shoes go with everything right?

Let me start with Happy Birthday Mike!

Last night after bath, this sweetie insisted on putting on her house shoes!  And then was devastated when we had to take them off to put on pj's.
See that full belly!  She ate a ton for dinner last night, not necessarily at the table but mostly on the run.  We did discover she's a huge ketchup fan.  We started dipping her chicken strips in it and then she decided, forget the chicken!  And started eating the ketchup with a spoon.  Reminds me of her cousin Lilly and stories I've heard about Uncle Matt when he was little.

Trying to get her to stay still for a pic is very hard these days, hence Daddy holding her :)

So this morning, when it was time to get shoes on she picked up her house shoes.  She hasn't been picking out her own clothes and shoes yet but we may be there...

Since they really only wear shoes for a tiny part of the day, we decided to let her go to school in them.  Not sure if she thinks they're tennis shoes because after she put them on last night she was running around the kitchen, as to say these are my fast shoes!

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