Saturday, July 13, 2013

First Haircut!

So I'll start with saying I'm horribly behind on blogging, very sorry Mike!  I was actually expecting to hear from you sooner about it.

Well here's my attempt to get caught back up...

Back on June 7th, Miss BreBre and I headed up to see LaCee for her first haircut!

Once she started playing with Mrs. LaCee's phone she was pretty still

Everything has to pass the mouth check test you know...

Hi!  Bre loved the young girl who was taking pictures for us.  (I can't remember her name but she's a young hair stylist that's just starting out at the salon.)  LaCee tells me that all kids love her and BreBre was no exception!  I sort of jokingly but seriously asked if she ever did any babysitting but she didn't really I'm guessing that's a no, oh well.

Giving sweet hugs...Mommy can't get enough of them.  LaCee had a little cape for her to wear but she wasn't fond of it, so we went without and worked out just fine!

This was actually her first Friday home with Mommy.  After we finished up at the salon, we met Daddy for lunch.

Posing with Mrs. LaCee, who did such a great job!  LaCee's a good friend and Landry's mommy.

First Haircut was a sucess!!

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